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on growing


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Life is too short to just be seen. Marketing should help companies grow today, not next quarter, or worse, next year.

Good marketing is felt immediately.

Here's what I'm up to.






I help companies sell more online, from SaaS startups to physical ecommerce products. My speciality is being able to launch campaigns quickly to test efficacy, then scaling the winners from those to build a repeatable sales pipeline.


Helping SME's  Grow

By selling more tomorrow than they do today

Long story short: I help companies sell more online.

Long story long: I'm a one-person consultant that helps businesses get their message across in an increasingly cluttered landscape.

Digital marketing started out great, everyone had conversions, there was limited competition, and you could get going cheaply. It was the promised land.

Then... Bam! Everyone and their Grandma got on board.

You're now competing with Walmart and Coca-Cola for clicks and it's driving your costs up.

Digital advertising isn't impossible, but it is harder than it has been. I help small business get more clients from my office in Atlantic Canada.

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We're relationship builders, connecting brands with audiences through design, creative advertising, and social media. We bring businesses and customers together in meaningful ways.

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battle of the (re)brands

Century 21 and REMAX are duking it out for category dominance, with two strong rebrand over the past year who's going to make it out on top?

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